Fast, Easy & Delicious

One-Pot Meal with Ventray Electric Grill

7-Day Meals In One Pot

Enjoy endless healthy and delicious meals in one pot
#1 Select & Prep

Prepare your favorite food or browse our library of simple, beginner-friendly recipes

#2 Cook

Effortlessly make your favorite meals and snacks in just minutes

#3 Enjoy!

Breakfast or dinner, enjoy the perfect flavor and texture with less mess

What Our Happy Customers Say

"It has opened up a whole new world of things we can cook together."

Rong K.

"It is perfect for cooking quick, healthy meals in my apartment."

Tracey H.

"I use it at least three times a week and absolutely love it."

Samantha D.

"II love this grill! We have had so many delicious meals on it."

Yibo S.

"It was so easy to use and so much fun!"

Justin C.

"This compact indoor grill cooks wonderful food!"

Kimberly T.

What Are You Craving To Have?

Grilled veggies, pasta, kabobs and fried rice… The possibilities are endless!

Cook Your Fresh Meal Delivery Faster And Easier With Ventray Grill

There's no need to spend hours in the kitchen when you can quickly and easily cook a healthy meal with Ventray. Whether you're looking for an easy way to make dinner or you want to save time on meal prep, Ventray grill can help.

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We add highly advanced technology mixed with our passion for cooking

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