Is Dash Deluxe Compact Cold Press Juicer Better?

Being a fan of both fresh juice and the great outdoors, there's nothing quite like sipping on a glass of fresh juice while immersing myself in the beauty of nature during camping trips. In anticipation of the upcoming spring season, I decided to invest in the Dash Deluxe Compact Cold Press Juicer, a good-selling product on Amazon. My plan was to bring this juicer along for my outdoor adventures this coming spring.

I've had the pleasure of using the Dash Deluxe for nearly two months now, and I have to admit that my initial enthusiasm has started to wane. Contrary to my high expectations, I've noticed that this juicer hasn't been performing as smoothly as I had hoped. However, I remain optimistic and hope that it can hold up until the arrival of spring later this year.

Dash Deluxe Compact Cold Press Juicer on the table, surrounded by a juice cup

What is A Cold Press Juicer?

Dash Deluxe is a small cold press juicer. So, what exactly is a cold press juicer?

A cold press juicer, also known as a masticating juicer or slow juicer, is a type of juicing appliance designed to extract juice from various fruits and vegetables while preserving the maximum amount of nutrients, flavor, and freshness. Unlike traditional centrifugal juicers that use high-speed spinning blades to separate the juice from the pulp, cold press juicers operate at significantly lower speeds, typically around 40 to 100 RPM. This slower and gentler approach is what sets them apart and provides a host of benefits.

Regarding the RPM of the Dash Deluxe Juicer, the product page doesn't provide a specific value. However, based on my experience, when using fruits and vegetables with higher water content, this juicer delivers a reasonably good juice yield. I know I can't expect the same output as a full-sized cold press juicer designed for extensive household use.

In terms of the pulp content in the juice, it may not be as minimal as indicated in the product details. If you're aiming for an exceptionally pure juice, you have the option to perform additional filtration or straining on the freshly squeezed juice to achieve the desired level of clarity.

As for the noise level, the Dash Deluxe Juicer is quieter compared to traditional centrifugal juicers. However, it's worth noting that I live in a relatively quiet environment, and even with that context, I find the noise level during juicing to be slightly noticeable.

Easy-to-assemble Dash Deluxe Compact Cold Press Juicer on the table

Problems Encountered During Using Dash Deluxe’s Small Slow Press Juicer

While this juicer has its advantages, there were a few issues that I encountered during my time using it.

  • Getting Stuck: One of the notable problems I faced with the Dash Deluxe juicer was that it occasionally got stuck during the juicing process. This was frustrating, as it disrupted the flow of juicing and required me to stop and troubleshoot. It seemed to struggle with certain types of produce, especially when I attempted to juice ingredients that were fibrous or had tougher textures.
  • Occasional Leaking: Another issue I encountered was occasional leaking. While the juicer generally did a decent job of containing the juice within its designated compartments, there were times when I noticed small leaks. This could be messy and required extra cleanup, which wasn't ideal.
  • Handling Certain Ingredients: The Dash Deluxe juicer, while capable of juicing a wide range of ingredients, didn't perform as well with certain items. Leafy greens, for instance, tended to pose a challenge, with the juicer struggling to effectively extract juice from them. Similarly, when attempting to juice nuts and wheatgrass, I found that the results were less than satisfactory. The juicer didn't seem to handle these ingredients as smoothly as I had hoped.

Would I Consider Purchasing a New Compact Cold Press Juicer?

If my Dash Deluxe juicer encounters any issues and stops working properly before my upcoming spring travel plans, I’ll consider the option of purchasing a new juicer. During my search on Amazon, I came across an intriguing alternative called the Ventray Ginnie Juicer, which bears some similarities to the Dash Deluxe.

Yellow and pink Ventray Ginnie Juicer Compact Cold Press Juicer on the table, surrounded by healthy fruits and vegetables

The Ventray Ginnie Juicer appears to be a relatively recent addition to the market, and I haven't had the time to thoroughly compare the distinctions between the two models. However, one aspect of the Ginnie Juicer that immediately caught my attention is its delightful array of colors. With vibrant options like vivid pink, sunny yellow, sky blue, and lively parrot green, these hues not only resonate with the spirit of spring but also align perfectly with my upcoming travel plans during this vibrant season.

For more insights into the benefits of juicing and how to select the right juicer for your needs, Healthline offers comprehensive guides and articles. Additionally, WebMD provides valuable health-related information that can help you make informed decisions about incorporating juicing into your lifestyle. And for those interested in exploring a wide range of juicing recipes, Juicing for Health is a fantastic resource.

So, Is Dash Deluxe Compact Cold Press Juicer Better?

While I can't provide a definitive answer just yet, I intend to reserve my judgment until after I've had the opportunity to use the Ginnie juicer and can make a fair comparison between the two. However, based on my current experience with the Dash Deluxe juicer, I'm sure there are compact juicers out there that have better performance and features compared to the Dash Deluxe model.

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