Best Juicers Canada 2024 (Free Shipping & Long Warranty)

Are you tired of navigating through the complexities of international shipping, only to be met with unexpected costs and delays? Look no further! At Ventray, we understand the frustrations that come with purchasing products abroad. That's why we've curated the ultimate guide to the "Best Juicers Canada 2024" to make your juicer shopping experience a breeze.

By choosing juicers available in Canada, regardless of your residence—be it Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, or any other city, you can skip the complications and embrace faster, more cost-effective shipping. What's more, products purchased locally often come with warranties and customer support services tailored to the Canadian market, ensuring peace of mind in case of any issues. Delight in the ease of shopping online within your locale, accompanied by the added perk of hassle-free returns or exchanges.

Best Juicers Available in Canada

Numerous juicer varieties flood the market, with masticating and centrifugal models emerging as favorites. But masticating vs. centrifugal juicers: which is better? The short answer is that in the battle of juicing prowess, masticating juicers often claim victory. Employing advanced slow masticating technology, they boast higher juice yield rates and nutrient-rich concoctions. It's no wonder many lean towards this option. Now, let's delve into the cream of the crop as recommended by Ventray for you - our dear Canadian customers, in 2024.

Ventray 408 Slow Press Juicer

When it comes to juicing, the Ventray 408 Masticating Juicer stands out as a reliable choice for extracting juice while preserving both taste and nutrients.

Ventray 408 slow masticating juicer placed on a wooden table with a glass of fresh orange juice around it

The 3" angled feeding chute makes the juicing process effortless, allowing you to feed larger pieces with ease. With its precisely crafted mesh filter and powerful Ultem auger, this juicer guarantees maximum juice extraction, leaving pulp completely separated for high yields. Plus, if you prefer a bit of pulp in your juice for added texture, you have the flexibility to customize according to your taste preferences.

While the Ventray 408 excels at juicing fruits and vegetables, it's worth noting that if you're interested in making nut milk or exploring a wider range of ingredients, you might consider upgrading to the Ventray 809 juicer. With a more powerful motor and slower juice speed, the Ventray 809 offers enhanced versatility to cater to your evolving juicing needs.

Backed by a 12-month original manufacturer warranty and an impressive 60-month warranty on the powerful motor, the Ventray 408 offers peace of mind and long-lasting performance.

Ventray 900 Slow Masticating Juicer

Ventray introduces yet another great juicer for your juicing journey: the Ventray 900 Slow Masticating Juicer. Sporting a generous 5.12-inch (130mm) wide feed chute—triple the size of standard models—this juicer lets you juice whole fruits and veggies effortlessly. It's a game-changer in terms of convenience and efficiency.

Ventray 900 slow masticating juicer, with cucumber, apple, juice and spinach on the side

Installation? A breeze. The Ventray 900 takes the crown for being one of the easiest to set up among Ventray's lineup (alongside its compact counterpart, the Ventray Ginnie Juicer. Ginnie is perfect for travel enthusiasts, road trips, and RV adventures).

Underneath its sleek exterior lies a robust 250W motor, ensuring maximum juice extraction from a diverse range of produce. Plus, its juicing screw, crafted from PMMA material, prioritizes your health and well-being. What sets the Ventray 900 apart is its innovative 5-stage squeezing function, delivering juice that's not only healthier but bursting with flavor. Thanks to its slow press technology, operating at a gentle 60 RPM, every drop of juice is extracted with precision and finesse.

Cleanup? A cinch. With minimal components, disassembly and cleaning are hassle-free, saving you time and effort. In summary, the Ventray 900 is a powerhouse of a juicer, designed to simplify your juicing experience without compromising on quality or taste.

The Ventray 900 juicer offers an original manufacturer warranty lasting 12 months, coupled with an impressive 60-month warranty covering its robust motor.

Where Can You Find These Juicers?

Ventray, your reliable online destination for premium juicers and small kitchen appliances, awaits you at and Enjoy the convenience of free shipping to the contiguous US (Lower 48 States) and Canada on orders exceeding $99 post-discounts or promo codes. Explore our comprehensive Shipping and Return, Warranty Policy, and Terms and Conditions sections for further details. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support team. We're here to assist you promptly and efficiently.

For a deeper understanding of how juicing fits into a healthy lifestyle, consider exploring resources like Harvard's Nutrition Source or Mayo Clinic's insights on healthy diets. Additionally, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association offers valuable information on fruits and vegetables and their role in our diets.

Final Thoughts

With our curated selection of the best juicers for 2024, complete with free shipping and long warranties, your path to health and wellness is clearer than ever. Don't hesitate to explore our offerings and make the choice that best suits your needs. Juicing isn't just about nourishing your body—it's about embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes your well-being. Take that pivotal first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Join Ventray and say goodbye to waiting endlessly, your transformative journey commences right here.

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